TMZ Twists ‘Superman’ Dean Cain’s Sound Bite — And He Bites Back

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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TMZ nabbed a sound bite from “Lois & Clark” actor Dean Cain at New York Comic Con — but no sooner did the story hit social media than Cain fired back, claiming that the headline was “misleading.”

TMZ’s tweeted headline read “Dean Cain Backs Kavanaugh Because Dr. Ford’s Silence is Suspicious” — something Cain did not say.

What Cain actually said was that he had his own “personal reasons” for believing that Judge Kavanaugh was more credible than Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. He also noted that he does not claim to know whether or not Ford was telling the truth and said that victims of sexual assault should be taken seriously, urging Ford to file reports with the proper authorities.

Cain also mentioned his own family history, and the fact that his mother and sister had dealt with sexual assault themselves. “I’ve seen my sister and my mother move beyond that,” he said. “And it’s a terrible thing. It’s absolutely awful. But I promise you, we weren’t dead quiet about it. Nobody was quiet.”

As for Ford’s credibility, Cain had only one thing to say: “I just don’t think you can prove it was Kavanaugh in any way, shape or form.”


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