Bill Maher Laments Role Of ‘Crazy’ Social Justice Warriors In Kavanaugh’s Likely Confirmation

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HBO host Bill Maher on Friday cast some of the blame for Judge Kavanaugh’s likely confirmation to social justice warriors who are “crazy enough” to ignite fears that scrutiny in the future will include high school records.

“There are social justice warriors who are crazy enough in this country, I fight with them all the time, who … they lend enough credence to this to make people think, ‘Oh, you know what? They’re going to go after my high school record,'” Maher told his “Real Time With Bill Maher” panel during a Friday discussion. “‘That’s fair game now.’ And it becomes sort of a privacy thing.”

After Maher’s comment, New York Magazine writer-at-large Andrew Sullivan and former CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien launched into a debate about the over-generalization of white men until Maher jumped back in.

“I do think that when Trump said ‘It’s a very scary time for young men,’ let’s get out the world’s smallest violin,” said Maher. “It does seem like things morphed from listen to any woman who says she’s been wronged, which is the right thing to do, to automatically believe. That’s what’s scary.”

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