Sen. Graham: The Kavanaugh Allegations Are The ‘Closest Thing To McCarthyism In My Lifetime’

(Fox News 10/5/2018)

Mike Brest Reporter
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Republican Senator Lindsey Graham called the allegations and investigation into sexual misconduct on the part of Brett Kavanaugh the “closest thing to McCarthyism” he’s seen in his lifetime during an appearance on Fox News’ “Hannity” Friday night.


“The one thing I like about Senator Collins, if you think can you change her mind by yelling at her and showing up at her house you’re dead wrong. Again, I just want to compliment her, for stopping what I thought was the closest thing to McCarthyism in my lifetime,” Graham said.

He continued, “That a man is guilty until proven innocent, facts don’t matter, smearing him equates to him being disqualified. She stood tall. The best thing that happened to a good man is for a strong woman to come to his aid. That’s exactly — Susan came to the aid of an independent judiciary tonight.”

Sen. Susan Collins, who is one of the key voters in Kavanaugh’s confirmation, announced her intention to vote in favor of him. (RELATED: Kavanaugh Has The Votes: Key Lawmakers Back Embattled Nominee, Ensuring Confirmation)

Graham has been an ardent supporter of Kavanaugh throughout the allegations, having defended him on numerous occasions.

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