Kellyanne: Don’t Look At Kavanaugh As ‘Tainted’

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway told ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday that Americans should not look at newly-appointed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh as “tainted” because all but one Democratic senator voted against his nomination.

“He should not be seen as tainted,” Conway told ABC in response to a question about lingering doubts by some regarding sexual misconduct allegations against the judge. “He should be seen as somebody that went through seven FBI investigations, including just in this last week, another that was completed last July, had answered 1,200 written questions … denying the allegations that were put before him.”

Instead, Conway, argued, Americans should see Kavanaugh as a victim of “political character assassination.”

She said many could relate to Kavanaugh’s ordeal.  “We looked up and saw in him possibly our husbands, our sons, our cousin, our co-workers, our brothers.” (RELATED: Kellyanne Conway Reveals She Was Sexually Assaulted)

Conway had some harsh words for how the media had covered the Kavanaugh hearings in the Senate, telling her interviewer, “Let’s stop pretending that there’s moral authority by some, including many in your industry …  to pretend that they were looking for the truth, that they were on some kind of fact-finding mission, when … they’re not even covering his testimony that he has denied under oath that this has happened and they want every woman to be a victim, every woman to lock arms and … every man is a perpetrator.”

She said the furor over Kavanaugh ultimately not will taint the Supreme Court either.

“The Supreme Court is a sacrosanct institution, thank God, that can withstand much and it will withstand the fact that there were a lot of political machinations,” Conway said.

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