CNN Political Analyst: Justice Kavanaugh Hiring Female Clerks ‘Felt Like Pandering To Me’

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CNN political analyst Joan Walsh on Monday said that Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s decision to hire four female law clerks “felt like pandering” to her.

Walsh’s comments came during CNN’s roundtable commentary following Kavanaugh’s White House swearing-in.


“I mean the female clerks,” Walsh told CNN’s Kate Bolduan when asked about Kavanaugh’s “outreach nod to women.” “I guess that’s great, Kate. He’s talked about that before. It felt a little bit like pandering to me. As I said before, there’s not really anything new. This is the way he introduced himself in his very first …”

At which point Bolduan noted that Kavanaugh chose to “stick to the script.”

“I guess it has worked,” said Walsh, “but I don’t know that it’s going to work to make women who are still upset about the treatment of Dr. Blasey Ford feel any better.”

“It did,” she concluded. “It felt a lot like pandering to me.”

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