Dem Strategist Blasts His Own Party’s Handling Of Kavanaugh: ‘They Absolutely Blew It’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Democrat strategist Bryan Dean Wright joined “Fox & Friends” Monday morning to talk about why he thinks his own party’s efforts to stop the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh are likely to backfire.

“Democrats will suffer the rightful consequences of using the victims of sexual assault to advance a political agenda,” Wright, a former CIA agent, claimed in an op-ed column for Fox News.


Wright explained that while he agreed the accusations should have been addressed, Democrats went about doing so in the wrong way.

“We had the opportunity to do the right thing work with Republicans quietly, privately, and investigate the allegations — not in the public domain, not do a fact-finding mission in front of cameras, but to do it discreetly,” he said. “Instead we used allegations at the last possible minute, rallied up our base and frankly retraumatized a whole bunch of people. Not just Ms. Ford but a lot of folks in America who suffered from sexual assault. So that is the strategy that I found appalling watching these past couple of months.”

Wright noted that the proximity to midterms could be damaging to his party as well, particularly if independents felt the same way as he did about the way the confirmation hearings had played out.

“That tells me Senator Feinstein and Schumer really, really screwed up, right?” Wright concluded. “They had an opportunity to continue with the wind in their back and move this towards victory in November. And they blew it. They absolutely blew it.”

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