Football Coach Has Golden Remark About Celebrations. Old School Americans Will Love It

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Butch Davis, head coach for Florida International University (FIU), clearly has no time or patience for turnover props and antics.

Turnover items — in which a team designates a celebratory object as a reward — have become a big deal in sports lately, especially after the Miami Hurricanes introduced the golden chain. However, not everybody (me) is a fan. In the spirit of Barry Sanders, you shouldn’t be celebrating things you’re supposed to do.

Davis appears to feel the same way. You know the reward for getting a turnover? You get to stay on scholarship. (RELATED: Nick Saban Unloads On Alabama Students. Here’s What He Had To Say [VIDEO])

That’s absolutely amazing to hear a coach say. It’s just like my guy Paul Chryst’s thoughts on the whole situation. Like he so eloquently got caught saying, “turnover chain my f**king ass.”

This is America, and this is a tough country. I don’t give a damn if you get a turnover in a game. You get an interception? Outstanding, way to help out the team. Now, go get with the other defensive players and keep figuring out how to make plays. Don’t waste your time strutting around the sideline wearing a foolish chain or sitting on a turnover throne.

That’s the way it should be. If you disagree, then you probably wish the Communists had won the Cold War. Is that the side you want to be on? I didn’t think so.

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