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Female Washington Reporter Gets Dirty Text From Male Source


Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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A female energy reporter for The Hill released some racy text messages from a source with whom she had drinks.

In the #MeToo era, little is private. So Miranda Green did what she felt she had to — she posted the sexy texts on Twitter.

The exchange makes it clear that she’s not into it.




The revelation set off a firestorm of reaction from other female reporters who wanted to share their thoughts and experiences.

“Remember, friends and foes: Whether you are a source or reporter, the best way to interact with a woman at source coffees or drinks is to imagine that you are speaking to a normal person in a professional capacity,” tweeted Emily Tamkin, a foreign affairs/state reporter for BuzzFeed News.

Felix Salmon, chief financial correspondent for Axios, had advice.

“Forward this to his CEO,” he wrote.

Ted Mann, a reporter at the WSJ, agreed: “Seconded. His boss should know he’s got a not very intelligent lech working for him.”

VICE News HBO correspondent Michael Moynihan wondered, “But what if his boss is the president?”


Maura Judkis, a food writer for The Washington Post, contributed her #MeToo experience: “I’m a food writer & once I interviewed the founder of a restaurant chain. I showed up to find a table full of men insisting I eat, even though I said I was just there to talk. They didn’t really eat but watched me eat. One said I had an appetite ‘like a piggy’ & they all laughed.”

Katie Bo Williams is a senior national security correspondent for DefenseOne.



Jean Strong, an editor at the Canadian Sun Peak News, added her two cents: “’Your legs are so strong and sexy’ as I left an interview. That and many others mean I often wear a fake engagement ring while working.”

A woman named “Donnita Mae” who says she’s a Navy vet seemed to relate. She replied to Green with a racy text exchange she received that day.

“From a person I had just met a few hours prior to this text message,” she wrote. “I had just joined a club and I thought he was a safe club member. Happy birthday to me!”



But not everyone shared Green’s outrage.

“Brian” on Twitter: “These women are fairly obvious. The REALLY dangerous ones are like Miranda Green in the original post. Does anyone really think she doesn’t understand the implications of two adults sharing drinks together. For those saying ‘it’s just a drink’: get real. It’s the current year.”

He added, “Do you really believe that their interactions , even unintentionally, didn’t get flirty? Even a little bit? Is it possible one or the other completely misread the situation? Did the alcohol color their perceptions? Of course it did, it ALWAYS does and that’s the issue.”

He warned, “Recognize toxic women and steer clear of them.”

“Rivelino” remarked, “I get it. It’s tough being an American women. So many horny men who don’t know how to be suave & charming. It must get annoying. But why so angry? Why not treat it as a compliment, and move on with your life. Life is tough for EVERYONE. Men have it tough too, just in other areas.”

The Mirror sought comment from Green regarding the incident. I asked her if he worked in President Trump’s administration, and if he had gotten in touch with her since their meeting.

She did not respond.

I also sought comment from The Hill‘s Editor-in-Chief Bob Cusack.

He had no comment on the matter.