Google Employee After Kavanaugh’s Swearing-In: ‘F**k. You. All. To. Hell’

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Mike Brest Reporter
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Two Google employees tweeted anti-GOP messages after the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court on Saturday afternoon.

Design lead Dave Hogue tweeted, “You are finished, GOP. You polished the final nail for your own coffins. FUCK. YOU. ALL. TO. HELL. I hope the last images burned into your slimy, evil, treasonous retinas are millions of women laughing and clapping and celebrating as your souls descend into the flames.”

He deleted the tweet, but didn’t express remorse for it. Hogue later tweeted, “Yes, I deleted that tweet. Yes, those opinions are mine personally, and I am responsible for them. Yes, I should have been more eloquent and less condemning. Yes, I still believe the @GOP is wrong and not serving your best interests. Yes, I still believe we can do much better.”

Another employee, Julia Ferraioli, a senior developer advocate at Google, quote tweeted a statement from Mitch McConnell. McConnell said, “These things always blow over,” and Ferraioli added, “We will prove you wrong.”

She later tweeted that she planned to protest his nomination at the Capitol but couldn’t after getting sick.

A Google spokesperson told The Daily Caller, “What employees say in their personal capacity has no bearing on the way we build or operate our products.”

This is another example of Google employees expressing their political leaning. Last month, a video surfaced of several senior Google executives holding a large staff meeting following the 2016 election to reckon with President Donald Trump’s victory. (RELATED: ‘Deeply Offensive’: Leaked Videos Show Google Leadership Reacting To Trump’s Victory)

The company was also supposed to testify in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee last month, but declined to appear.

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