MSNBC Asks Youth Voters Who They’ll Vote For In November — Their Answers Shock Reporter


Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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MSNBC reporter Jacob Soboroff traveled to California to ask voting-age students if they are animated to vote in the 2018 midterm elections this November.

Soboroff traveled to the University of California Irvine, which has a student population of over 20 thousand. Students were asked a variety of questions by MSNBC, including one asking whether they plan on voting in just a month.

Large groups of students looked at the reporter stone-faced. It took some time for any student to come forward and say they were going to vote.

The reporter went on to ask if the students knew about the Kavanaugh Supreme Court battle or the Russia investigation. (RELATED: Trump Calls Kavanaugh Accusations A ‘Hoax’: ‘It Was All Made-Up. It Was Fabricated’)

“I don’t watch the news,” one student said coldly.

“We’re, like, the most unreliable voter demographic,” said another student, who appeared unmotivated to vote. Soboroff was stunned and called the answers “shocking.”