Pack Up To 2 Weeks Of Clothes In A Carry-On With These Packing Cubes

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If you’re the type of person who tends to overpack when traveling for work or play, then you’re all too familiar with the cost and pain of lugging around extra baggage. With a Set of 3 Joyus Packing Cubes, you can pack up to two weeks of clothes into a single carry-on for a less expensive and more enjoyable travel experience.

Normally $68, this 3-set of packing cubes is 15 percent off

Normally $68, this 3-set of packing cubes is 15 percent off

Joyus Exclusive Packing Cubes in Black: Set of 3 on sale for $58

Here’s how it works. These packing cubes let you maximize luggage space so you can pack more into less space. Just fold your clothes to meet the size of the packing cubes and let them do the hard work. They’re specially designed to fit together perfectly in your suitcase, so your clothing stays organized and compact. Meaning, these cubes make traveling convenient again, especially if you tend to overpack and use more than one bag for business trips or personal vacations.

Even better, these cubes help keep your clothes wrinkle-free. Each one has a compression zipper that fights against wrinkles by compressing your clothes, which in turn saves you even more space. Plus, the set of ultra-lightweight cubes won’t add any weight to your luggage and comes with a separate laundry compartment, letting you keep dirty clothes away from clean ones.

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