CNN Anchor Jim Sciutto Accuses Guest Of Calling Kav Accuser A Liar

(CNN 10/9/2018)

Mike Brest Reporter
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CNN host Jim Sciutto got into a verbal tussle with a contributor Tuesday morning over whether there was concrete evidence to support Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s decades-old claim that Justice Brett Kavanaugh sexual assaulted her at a high school party.

The segment included guests Matt Lewis, a senior columnist for The Daily Beast, and Salena Zito, a Washington Examiner reporter.


“We don’t know what happened all those many years ago. There was not evidence to support the claim. We can say that. That’s different from being proven innocent,” Lewis stated.

Sciutto responded, “Matt, you said there wasn’t any evidence. I suppose you could argue there was no irrefutable evidence. But are you saying that Dr. Ford and her testimony, who even the president called — which the president called ‘credible’ — are you saying that she’s been proven to be wrong or a liar here?” (RELATED: CNN’s Sciutto: Gang Rape Allegation Are ‘Politics’)

“I don’t think that’s evidence. She made an allegation that was unsubstantiated. She may be right. She may have misremembered. But there was no evidence to corroborate her allegation,” Lewis added.

This is not the first time Sciutto has provided murky, if not false, information on the Ford-Kavanaugh saga. Last month, he tweeted that the Senate Judiciary Committee offered Ford an ultimatum: “testify in public six days from now” or don’t testify at all. Committee chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley, however, said that she could testify in public or private and he gave her multiple days to chose from. (RELATED: CNN’s Jim Sciutto Spreads Fake News About Offer To Kavanaugh’s Accuser)

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