Florida Gov Rick Scott Shares His Biggest Concerns About Hurricane Michael With ‘Fox & Friends’ As Storm Approaches

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Florida Republican Gov. Rick Scott shared his largest concerns about Hurricane Michael on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday and said he’s worried about Floridians who stayed behind, despite evacuation warnings.

“This is a Category 4 now — 140 mile-an-hour winds with wind gusts higher than that,” Scott said. “People say, ‘I can withstand that,’ although we’re going to get flash flooding. Three foot [sic] of storm surge is deadly. We’re talking about 9, 10, 12, 13 foot [sic] of storm surge. I just think people don’t realize the risk of this.”

Scott said it’s too late for people to evacuate off the coast and told them to hunker down, because the storm is going to be “deadly.” (RELATED: Rick Scott Explains Why The Kavanaugh Debacle Shows America Needs Term Limits)

“I know there’s people that have decided not to evacuate. It’s too late to evacuate now on the coast — and on top of that, it’s going to impact our cities,” Scott continued. “It’s going to hit Tallahassee with hurricane force winds. I hope everybody is just thinking, ‘get to shelter right now.’ Hunker down. And be careful, listen to locals. Don’t go out in the middle of this. You’re not going to survive it. It’s deadly.”


Scott said his chief concern is for those who stayed behind and ignored the warning to evacuate, because they are set to experience a storm surge with strong tornadoes and flash flooding.

“My biggest concern is, you know, it still hasn’t made the move that they anticipate a little further to the east. But all that area to the east, we’ve got all that area really, we’ve got the storm surge. We’ve got the risk of tornadoes, significant risk of tornadoes,” he said.

“We’re going to have flash flooding and I just — my biggest concern is the people that made the decision not to evacuate, even though they were told many times this is a dangerous storm and it got more dangerous overnight and a lot of people probably went to bed thinking it was a Category 3 and now it’s a Category 4. We’re going to have wind gusts of over 145 miles per hour. You know, a lot of these houses are not going to withstand that.”

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