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Things Just Got Ugly: Someone Bought ‘’

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If newly installed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh ever wants to run for Congress, he may have a hard time. “Fix the Court” — glaringly not big fans of Kavanaugh — bought the rights to “”

And this is where things get ugly.

A quick click on leads you to WE BELIEVE SURVIVORS, a site devoted to victims of sexual assault. It includes a National Sexual Violence Resource Center, a Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network and more. The Brett Kavanaugh site also offers survivors an 800-number to the National Sexual Assault Hotline.

You get the idea. This is not a Brett-Kavanaugh-friendly site.

“Fix the Court” Director Gabe Roth purchased the domain in 2015.

“Back then it was a wide open race,” Roth said in an interview with “The Mirror.” “I bought some URL’s from federal justices, some being conservatives, some folks would deem liberal. A dozen URL’s on both sides. I try to use what properties I have to educate the communities about the courts.”

Roth said he did not mean this as a means to stick it to Kavanaugh.

“I’ve met Justice Kavanaugh in the past,” he explained. “I like him. I find him smart, engaging. I was just more disappointed by the event at the White House Monday night. It just seemed off in some way.”

During his nomination process, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault in an incident she said happened some 35 years ago when she was 15.

What really rankled Roth was President Trump‘s swearing-in of Kavanaugh.

“It was false,” Roth said. “Brett Kavanaugh wasn’t proven innocent. He was confirmed, but the idea that he was fully exonerated is not true. …The whole event was kind of weird.”

Asked if there are any legal issues about using a Brett Kavanaugh URL in this manner, Roth replied, “If he has a problem with it, he can contact me and I’ll take it down. I’ll probably redirect it in a couple of days.”

Roth said he believed Ford.

“Of course — yeah,” he said. “He probably drank and did stupid things. His attitude toward the process was just really unfortunate. I didn’t take a position on the confirmation … My goal is to try to help support the court in a more modern direction and the last few weeks has made the court look more partisan. We need the court to be the adult in the room.”

The Senate ultimately confirmed Kavanaugh, with several senators saying they believed something happened to Ford, but they just didn’t believe Kavanaugh was the man who assaulted her.

If you really wanted, don’t fret. is up for sale, but you’ll have to fork over $2,195.