Trump Skips Joke At Pennsylvania Rally Due To ‘Rules Of #MeToo’

Mike Brest Reporter

President Donald Trump declined to make a joke during his rally in Erie, Pennsylvania, because he claimed it would violate the rules of the #MeToo movement.


“Pennsylvania hasn’t been won for many years by Republicans. But every Republican thinks they’re going to win PA. They didn’t quite get it but I got it. It’s called the workers. I got it. Every Republican, I used the expression, you know there’s an expression but under the rules of #MeToo I’m not allowed to use that expression anymore. I can’t do it,” Trump said.

“It’s the person that got away, see in the old days, it was a little different,” he continued. “I would do it, except for these people up there [pointing to the press]. Did you hear what he said? So there is an expression, but we’ll change the expression. Pennsylvania was always that person who got away, that’s pretty good, right?”

The president’s comments about the movement come the same day as first lady Melania Trump acknowledged her support for the movement with the addition that “hard evidence” is necessary. (RELATED: Melania Supports Due Process, Says Female Accusers Need ‘Hard Evidence’)

Trump’s comments on the movement have varied, especially since the allegations of sexual misconduct against Brett Kavanaugh came out. During a rally earlier this month, Trump mocked Dr. Christine Ford, the first woman who came forward with the allegations.

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