Trump Deflects Blame For Incivility: ‘They Were The Ones That Started Everything’

Mike Brest Reporter
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President Donald Trump deflected blame for the rise of incivility from himself and placed it on Democrats during an interview on “Fox News At Night With Shannon Bream” on Wednesday night.


“On the issue of civility today we heard from the former Attorney General Eric Holder saying instead of ‘we go low, they go high,’ He said ‘when we go low, it’s time to kick them,'” Bream began. “Hillary Clinton has said we don’t return to civility until the Democrats take the House or the Senate back because power is now the only thing Republicans understand. But when you talk to or press people on that, they will say you started this whole thing by encouraging people to rough up protesters and by going after people with nicknames and all kinds of things. How do you respond?”

Bream was referencing Holder’s comments from a Wednesday rally for Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams where he said, “When they go low, we kick them,” a reference to Michelle Obama’s famous line. (RELATED: Former AG Eric Holder: ‘When They Go Low, We Kick Them’)

Clinton said in a CNN interview this week that one cannot be civil with a political party that “wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about.” (RELATED: Hillary Clinton Rejects Calls For Civility In Politics, At Least For Now)

“Well I don’t think so. My rallies have been very peaceful, and even at the beginning when there seemed to be conflict, they sent paid people in to disrupt our rallies. When you do that, you know, bad things happen,” Trump responded. “But they were the ones that started everything. So no, it wasn’t us. It was totally the other side. I would have a rally and paid people were going into those rallies causing trouble. And in many cases, it didn’t work out so well for those people.”

He continued, “Shannon, paid people were in those rallies. When I hear [Eric] Holder making a statement like he did today, I think it’s a disgrace. And Hillary, I really understand. She just doesn’t get it. She never did. She never will, and that’s why she lost the election.”

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