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Twitter Asks CNN’s Jim Acosta If He Is Alright After Reporting That Kanye Cursed In Oval Office

Reuters/Jonathan Ernst.

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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CNN Chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta serves as a punching bag for the White House and some of the media.

So when he tweeted that singer Kanye West said “motherfucker” in the Oval Office — or rather, “mother***er,” the peanut gallery on Twitter began to tease him.

With Kanye in Washington palling around with Trump, there is no real safe space for reporters like Acosta. It’s anyone’s guess what Kanye might do or say.

This set off Splinter News‘s political reporter Libby Watson, who pretended to care about Acosta’s feelings. Thankfully she got a lot of LOL’s for that.

About 40 minutes later, Acosta got back to her, saying, “I’m doing just fine, thanks for asking.”

When a follower suggested that Watson was conservative, Ben Howe, a right-leaning writer who has written for RedState, The Daily Beast and The Atlantic, sarcastically replied, “Yeah, a cursory glance through Libby Watson’s twitter feed proves how UBER conservative she is, bro. Good call.”

But isn’t it odd that the Republican Party is OK with anything as long as it “triggers the libs?” the follower wondered.

Howe said his own gutter mouth made him a poor expert.

“I’m a really bad person to ask,” he said. “I curse on here like my life depends on it.”

Splinter often pricks CNN.

Earlier today when The Daily Beast‘s Max Tani found it hilarious that CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked a lawmaker how Trump’s meeting with Kanye West is going to play in the midterms, Splinter media writer Jack Mirkinson expressed a desire to leave civilization.

“Sometimes you just want a huge wave to wash over you and take you out to sea forever,” he wrote on the site.

On Wednesday, the site mocked CNN’s Don Lemon for yelling at The Daily Beast‘s Matt Lewis.

“Is Don Lemon good now??” asked Splinter‘s Katherine Krueger.

How lovely that these women are so concerned.