Whoopi Goldberg Admits To Discussing Sex ‘Questions’ With Underage Neil Patrick Harris

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Jon Brown Associate Editor
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Whoopi Goldberg admitted Wednesday to the possibility of having made inappropriate sexual comments to an underage Neil Patrick Harris, and seemed to lament the changing sexual mores in American society that have rendered such behavior unacceptable.


In a recent appearance on “The View,” actor Neil Patrick Harris claimed that during the filming of “Clara’s Heart,” which was released in 1988 when Harris was 15 years old, Whoopi Goldberg offered to have sex with him in the future.

“You know, I did my first movie ever with Whoopi Goldberg in a movie called ‘Clara’s Heart’, and we worked together on that,” Harris recalled. “And she told me, she told me—I was what, 15, 16 years old. She told me on my last day of shooting that ten years—in ten years’ time—she was gonna have sex with me.” (RELATED: Whoopi Delivers Head-Scratcher On Bill Clinton And #MeToo: Hillary Is The Victim)

“I might have,” Whoopi responded after an awkward pause, to which the audience responded with laughter.

“He had many questions as a kid,” Whoopi explained. “And so I said, ‘Listen, wait ten years, and I’ll take you through it.'”

Whoopi continued by reflecting, “See, in those days you could actually have some fun like that. You can’t do that now. People get very upset now.”

Harris laughed it off by saying, “Hey, I was not offended. I’m looking forward to it.”

Goldberg has been one of President Donald Trump’s most outspoken critics, and recently took heat for implying that Donald Trump, Jr.’s young sons may have “tendencies” toward sexual assault.