Control This Smart Surge Protector With Amazon Alexa Or Google Assistant

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Smart home technology and home automation is changing our lives for the better. There are Bluetooth speakers that function as a personal voice assistant. There are doorbell home security systems that display video directly to your smartphones. Now, with the Meross Smart Wi-Fi Surge Protector, there are even power strips that can be remotely controlled from anywhere in the world via the Meross app. The Daily Caller readers can get this incredibly useful addition to their own home for less than $24!

Normally $27, this Wi-Fi power strip is 11 percent off

Normally $27, this Wi-Fi power strip is 11 percent off

Meross Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip on sale for $23.99

Each Meross Smart Wi-Fi Surge Protector comes equipped with 3 AC outlets and 2 USB ports. That means you can charge up to five devices with this one power strip. There are multiple ways that you can remotely access the Meross Smart Wi-Fi Surge Protector. The Meross app is ideal for controlling each individual outlet from anywhere. You could be across the world and still be able to turn off this surge protector. This device can also be integrated into Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Take advantage of the auto-off timer routine to prevent devices from overcharging.

All you need for the Meross Smart Wi-Fi Surge Protector is a functioning home Wi-Fi. Once this device is connected, no other hubs or accessories are required. Get the Meross Smart Wi-Fi Surge Protector today for just $23.99. That’s 11% off the original price.

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