New Report Suggests The Dodgers Allegedly Covered Up A Sexual Assault By One Of Their Players

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A new report suggests the Los Angeles Dodgers may have inappropriately handled sexual assault allegations made against one of their players.

The MLB team received an email from the Hampton Inn in Glendale, AZ, claiming one of their players sexually assaulted a hotel maid in 2015, according to a new bombshell piece in The Daily Beast published Thursday.  (RELATED: Asia Argento Completely Denies Sexually Assaulting A 17-Year-Old)

“I guess for a few weeks now [the player] has been making remarks and asking her to go out with him,” the hotel manager’s email to a team official, obtained by The Daily Beast, reads. “She keeps telling him that she has a boyfriend and is not interested but he still keeps making comments.”

But the unnamed player kept pushing. (RELATED: Remember The Astros Pitcher Who Punched Himself In The Face? He Just Put On A Wilder Display [VIDEO])

“On Sunday things elevated where she was cleaning another room and he came up behind her and grabbed her,” the email reportedly continues. “She pushed him back and he came back and grabbed her yet again. She told him that she wasn’t interested and that he needed to leave and he did.”


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The Dodgers apparently had little reason to have “doubt about the housekeeper’s credibility or the severity of the incident,” The Daily Beast reports.

So the team sent the player back to Latin America where he had been recruited from. However, it does not appear that the Dodgers alerted the MLB of the incident.  (RELATED: Here Are The Six Cities The MLB Wants To Expand Into)

“This was handled as an internal matter by the Dodgers and we consider the matter closed,” the team said in a statement.

And although he claimed to be unfamiliar with the details of the matter, Dodgers manager of international scouting Roman Barinas said, “what I see on this [email] thread cannot be taken lightly. [He] crossed a line and is extremely lucky he isn’t in jail.”


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But Juan Rodriguez, the Dodgers’ manager of Arizona operations and original recipient of the hotel manager’s email, says he relayed the message up the appropriate chain of command at the time.

“We got the information and let the director [Dodgers field coordinator Clayton McCullough] know right away,” he told The Daily Beast. “[The player] said he didn’t do it. She said he did,” later adding, “we took the allegation pretty seriously. I believe he was suspended … He was asked to go home.”

It’s worth noting that that hotel manager did not want a police report filed, and authorities have no record of an assault reported at that time and place.

The Dodgers square up against the Brewers tonight as they try to advance to the World Series.

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