Liberal Fox News Contributor Refuses To Say If Kanye Should Be Forced To Vote Democrat Because He’s Black

(Fox News 10/12/2018)

Mike Brest Reporter
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Liberal Fox News contributor and radio host Chris Hahn refused to say on Friday night whether Kanye West should be forced to vote Democrat because he’s black on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

The segment began with Carlson airing clips of CNN’s Don Lemon saying Kanye West’s mother would be rolling over in her grave after seeing what he said during his meeting with President Trump. He also aired a clip of Georgetown law professor Michael Eric Dyson saying on MSNBC that West was committing “white supremacy by ventriloquism.”


“Final question, you’ve heard from Don Lemon and the preacher guy Eric … Michael Dyson, who actually I think lives in my neighborhood, a rich white neighborhood by the way, Mr. Man of the people. He has an obligation, Kanye West, to take a certain position because he is black. Do you think that is true? Should black people be required to vote Democrat? That seems to be the position of your whole party,” Carlson stated.

He added, “I’m responding to what people are saying right now that Kanye West as a black man is betraying black people by voting Republican or being nice to Trump. Do you think that’s true?” (RELATED: CNN Commentator Calls Don Lemon Out For Comments About Kanye West)

“Look, I don’t know, I don’t want to speak to African-Americans across the country. I think he is wrong and misguided, –” Hahn responded.

“What? Are you allowed as a black person to think differently from Eric Michael Dyson?” Carlson shot back.

“I think that this president who stood up and said there were fine people on both sides on a white supremacist march,” Hahn stated before getting cut off.

“Not going to answer,” Carlson said.

It should be noted that Carlson incorrectly named Michael Eric Dyson, calling him Eric Michael Dyson.

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