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Morning Mirror: Washington Radio Host Is Tired Of ‘A$$#@les’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“This is who Donald Trump is. He likes celebrities. He likes people who say nice things about him. …It’s unpredictable. It’s driven by his desire to be interesting.” 

— CNN’s Chris Cillizza on Kanye West visiting the Oval Office. He said this on CNN on Thursday afternoon.

Washington journo wants to get something off his chest 

“Want to know why I said sometimes I feel like quttiing? Assholes. That’s why. If you don’t like my stuff, don’t watch but STFU about it. Not interested.” — Lee Stranahan, host, Fault Lines, Sputnik radio.

Another reporter snaps at CNN’s Jim Acosta 

“Not to be a b*tch, but literally who cares? Have you heard the things nixon said in there????” — Vice NewsEve Peyser to CNN Chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta, who tweeted that Kanye said “motherf***ker” in the Oval.

Other female reporters also lashed out at Acosta Thursday. 

Comedian Chelsea Handler cracks on GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham for National Coming Out Day 

“Kanye West says he thinks of Trump as a father. Guess who doesn’t think of Kanye as a son?” — Chelsea Handler, comedian and a liberal.

And this… “If you’re wondering why Republicans took a sick day today, it’s probably because it’s #NationalComingOutDay. Looking at you @LindseyGrahamSC.”

Politico Mag Cover Story: “Trump May Not Be Crazy, But the Rest of Us Are Getting There Fast” Here.

Psychologists’ couches are filling up as Americans seek relief from Trump Anxiety Disorder.

Kathy Griffin gets into it with Dana Loesch

Griffin is a liberal and a comedian; Loesch is a conservative radio host and spokeswoman for the NRA. 

DANA: “I’m a doctor of psychiatry on Twitter, let me diagnose Kanye” is my new favorite Twitter.

KATHY: “So I’m assuming when the First Lady of the United States put out a statement (which was unprecedented) questioning my mental health because of a photo involving a mask and ketchup you said something about it? Did you slam her for invoking mental health without a degree?”

DANA: “You held a mock severed head of the president. Pretty ludicrous to compare that to two people simply talking and finding common ground.”

KATHY: Do you think it’s appropriate for the First Lady of the United States to judge/comment on someone’s mental health in general @DLoesch?  

OUCH: Jake Tapper bashes Trump with old tweet 

TAPPER: “So campaigning and spending time with a superstar rapper is inappropriate while Americans are reeling from a major storm, or….?”

TRUMP (2012): “Yesterday Obama campaigned with JayZ & Springsteen while Hurricane Sandy victims across NY & NJ are still decimated by Sandy. Wrong!”

Journo is warming to Applebees’ pastas 

“I must admit these new Applebee’s Neighborhood pastas look pretty appetizing. Watch out Olive Garden.” — Jim Swift, The Weekly Standard.

Day in the Life of a Journalist 

Editor: When is your story coming?


Marina Fang, HuffPost.

Gossip Roundup

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