College Football Star Sues University Following Suspension For Alleged Sexual Assault

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Wisconsin Badgers football star Quintez Cephus has filed a lawsuit against the university.

The wide receiver, who is currently suspended from the team, is claiming in his lawsuit filed this week that his constitutional rights were violated because he couldn’t participate in a “student disciplinary investigation,” according to

He’s facing criminal charges for allegedly sexually assaulting two women back in April. The lawsuit is trying to stop any proceedings against him on behalf of the University of Wisconsin until he can participate. (RELATED: College Football Star Faces Decades In Prison. The Allegations Are Absolutely Horrific) reported the following details on the lawsuit:

On Aug. 31, the lawsuit states, Title IX coordinator Lauren Hasselbacher issued her initial investigative report, despite Cephus’ “inability to participate in an interview or otherwise meaningfully participate in the university’s process,” due to the ongoing criminal case against Cephus.

“Defendants have knowingly and intentionally forced (Cephus) into the predicament of having to either waive his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination by choosing to participate in the university process despite the potential harm to his criminal defense,” the lawsuit states, “or decline to participate in the university’s process thus leading to the inevitable finding of responsibility and severe sanctions.”

This whole situation has turned into such a disaster for the University of Wisconsin, the football program, the students and everybody else tied to this situation. At Wisconsin, we pride ourselves on doing things the right way and having some of the best people on the planet involved. We take immense pride and joy in the fact our players largely stay out of trouble.

Obviously, these are just allegations at this point. The criminal case against Cephus is playing itself out, and we’ll eventually have a conclusion on whether or not he’s guilty of assaulting these two women. If Cephus is guilty, then he deserves everything coming his way. If he’s innocent, you’d hope he can move forward with his life. (RELATED: College Football Star Will Stand Trial For Allegedly Sexually Assaulting Two Women)

What I do know for sure is that him suing the university is only going to make this situation more muddy and public. That’s the last thing Wisconsin administrators want right now.

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