Shed Some Pounds Without Going Hungry With This Weight Loss System

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Whether it’s an upcoming wedding, company party, or a day at the beach with friends, you’ll want to feel and look your best so you can have a fantastic time. But, it’s difficult to squeeze in workouts around your busy schedule, while typical weight loss systems leave you without energy, so what are you to do? With a Bikini Cleanse 7-Day Weight Loss System, shed some pounds without ever going hungry with a complete food-based cleanse.

Normally $190, this weight loss system is 10 percent off

Normally $190, this weight loss system is 10 percent off

Bikini Cleanse 7-Day Weight Loss System on sale for $170

This weight loss system is designed to make dropping pounds easier than ever. For starters, it comes with delicious food-based items. You’ll get seven Bikini Smoothies — individually wrapped smoothies perfect for replacing breakfast; 14 Bikini Sticks — individually packed energy boost crystals to be taken twice a day with water for hydration and energy; and seven Bikini Teas — individually packed detoxifying tea bags to be taken at night to aid the detox process while eliminating bloat. What’s more, all of these items have been specially formulated to work together so that you maintain a high level of energy while never going hungry.

On top of that, this cleanse — which has been seen on US Weekly — is fun and convenient to use. A step-by-step instruction guide, the Bikini Passport, contains everything you need to know about the program, as well as shopping lists, recipes, and daily affirmations to make weight loss a positive experience. Plus, since none of the food requires refrigeration, you can go about your day without any interruptions or frequent trips to the fridge.

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