Reporters Repeatedly Question President Trump On His Views On Climate Change

Mike Brest Reporter
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Multiple reporters pressed President Donald Trump during his trip to Florida about his views on climate change despite him discussing the topic in his “60 Minutes” interview on Sunday.

In his interview with Lesley Stahl, the president repeatedly said he believes the climate is changing, but he thinks it could reverse course. He’s still unsure as to whether or not humans have caused it. (RELATED: Trump Spars With ’60 Minutes’ On ‘Manmade’ Climate Change)


“Mr. President, when you ran for president did you ever imagine you would spend this much time thinking about the weather?” a reporter asked.

“Well the weather has been a factor. And yet they say the worst hurricanes were 50 years ago, if you can believe it. In fact the one that they say was worse, two or three worse, one was in the 1890s and one exactly 50 years ago, the winds were 200 miles an hour. So who knows. But that’s what the numbers are,” the president said.

Another reporter added, “Last night in your comments about climate change, you said there is something there. Previously, in the past, you called it a hoax, what changed?”

Trump responded, “No, there is something there, no question, man-made or not. I mean there is something there. And it’s going to go back and forth. There is something there. And again, 50 years ago, it was brutal. 1890s were brutal. You have different times.”

“Mr. President, the latest research from NOAA said they are making the latest hurricanes even stronger,” a different journalist followed up.

The president responded by saying he hadn’t seen that.

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