Naked Man Caught Pummeling Cop Car Provides Reason Number 594,269 Why Manhattan Is The City Of Dreams [WATCH]


Jena Greene Reporter
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A naked man was caught on video punching a police car in New York City this week, and we’ve got a lot of questions.

There’s not a whole lot I can do to preface this video so I’m just going to leave a graphic nudity warning and post the link for your viewing (dis)pleasure below:

Police were reportedly called to Seventh Avenue around West 30th street (Midtown West area, roughly) at 11:40 p.m. on Sunday night after a naked man was spotted wandering the streets. When they arrived on scene, they found the man allegedly trying to punch in an NYPD squad car window. And in other news, cops don’t get paid nearly enough to do their jobs. (RELATED: Get A Load Of This Cop Absolutely LEVELING An Unruly Teenager [VIDEO])

Anyone who’s ever been to this part of Manhattan knows to avoid it AT. ALL. COSTS. West 30th and Seventh are the DREGS of Manhattan. It’s filled with tourists, scary people selling peanuts and jailbroken iPhones, and the faintest smell of shattered dreams. If you offered me $1 million to guess where an incident like this may have happened, I would say somewhere near Penn Station. It’s a no brainer.

The Bronx may have a zoo of wild animals and scummy Yankees fans, but Midtown West takes the freak show cake.

For what it’s worth, the naked man is currently having a nice long stay at the Bellevue Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. But I’ll bet he’s fine. This is just what New York does to you.

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