Tucker’s Guest Says Susan Collins ‘Lacks Integrity’ For Voting For ‘Sexual Predator’ Justice Kavanaugh

Mike Brest Reporter
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Fox News host Tucker Carlson debated a political strategist on Tuesday regarding a letter written by some 1,300 alumni of St. Lawrence University — all of whom want Maine Republican Sen. Susan Collins’ honorary degree to be revoked for her vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh.

The university received a letter signed by more than 1,300 St. Lawrence alumni the day after the Maine Senator announced her intention to vote affirmatively for Kavanaugh’s confirmation. That number, according to The Hill, has since climbed to over 1,800. (RELATED: Members Of Susan Collins’ Alma Mater Are Fighting To Have Her Honorary Degree Retracted Over Kavanaugh Vote)

The strategist, Monica Klein, supported the alumni calling for her degree because she “lacks integrity.”


“Susan Collins does lack integrity, she lacks integrity because she voted to support the nomination of a Supreme Court Justice who is clearly a sexual predator. She didn’t believe Christine Blasey Ford despite the fact that she was incredibly credible and she didn’t support a real FBI investigation,” Klein stated. “I think it’s completely legitimate that 1,500 people come forward and said they don’t support her having an honorary degree.”

“I’m trying to get to a core question then just an honorary degree from a school whose honorary degree you might not want to have anyway. But the question is, is it a question of integrity to reach a different conclusion?” Carlson responded. “You’re saying that a decent person could not disagree with you, that’s what you appear to be saying.” (RELATED: Tucker Carlson Gets In Heated Debate With Guest Over Immigration)

“I’m saying a decent person would believe Christine Blasey Ford because she’s extremely credible and Kavanaugh came across like an eighth grader. I don’t think anyone truly believes that Kavanaugh did nothing to Christine Blasey Ford — I think Susan Collins herself is kidding herself and she made a calculated decision to support the Republican,” she added.

“You’re offering a window into a worldview that a lot of people might find chilling, a worldview that doesn’t allow for honest disagreement. A worldview –,” Carlson said. “What I care about is whether we allow for the possibility that people disagree with us are good people who have integrity who are reaching different conclusions from ours.”

“I said she lacks integrity, I believe that. She voted for a Supreme Court nominee who is a clear predator without allowing for a real investigation,” she concluded.

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