OPINION: Brexit Must Move Forward

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Nigel Farage Vice Chairman, Leave Means Leave
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Britain could soon be run by an anti-American Marxist government thanks to  Prime Minister Theresa May’s failure to deliver Brexit. That is the terrifying truth about the mess in which the U.K. now finds itself.

Today (Wednesday, Oct. 17) there’s a key EU summit in Brussels at which May hopes to seal her proposal for what kind of Brexit the U.K. gets. But disturbingly, the Brexit that May advocates would leave Britain half-in the EU. We would be subject to foreign laws but would have no power to challenge them. We would also be prevented from trading freely with the rest of the world — perhaps forever.

It is hard to admit this after the wondrous 2016 referendum result, but Britain is heading for Brexit in name only. The madness of this would not only be bad news for the U.K. This is not something the U.S. administration wants to see, either.

It’s no wonder May’s crazy scheme has so far triggered the resignation of two members of her Cabinet, Boris Johnson and David Davis. Mr Davis, a Member of Parliament for more than 30 years and a man of principle, was May’s Brexit Secretary. As well as believing her Brexit plan would be ruinous for Britain, he now predicts dire electoral consequences for the Conservative Party if Mrs May’s disastrous Brexit plan succeeds.

I agree with Davis’s view wholeheartedly. I have spent 25 years of my life campaigning for Brexit. Indeed, Donald Trump even refers to me as “Mr. Brexit.” But the ‘Brexit in name only’ that is now on the horizon would be the greatest democratic betrayal in our country’s history. It is this betrayal that could ultimately usher in the Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn.

Some people have compared Corbyn to Bernie Sanders. But Sanders is just a country-club socialist by comparison. Corbyn is an extreme left-winger. He wants to squeeze anybody he perceives as “rich” until the pips squeak. He would borrow hundreds of billions of pounds to fund his dangerous politically correct agenda: bankrupting the U.K.

He also has a track record of supporting Palestinian terrorists. Furthermore, under his leadership anti-Semitism within the Labour Party has flourished. And he has longstanding links to the murderous IRA. Frankly, it is very hard to believe that this man leads a major political party in Britain in 2018.

I’m back on the road at the moment, going round the country addressing pro-Brexit rallies and doing what I can to ensure that the 2016 referendum result is recognised. But we need our Members of Parliament to stand up for what the people voted for as well. Otherwise, the damage to our nation and our politics will be immense.

If Jeremy Corbyn does succeed in becoming prime minister, make no mistake: Britain’s relationship with America will be severely compromised. And the person responsible would be Theresa May. If she continues to refuse to listen to the people over Brexit, the upshot could be far more serious than she seems to grasp.

After widespread criticism she has received in the last 48 hours, Mrs May now fears looking weak. It is clear she recognises she may not be able to get her current “Brexit-in-name-only” plan through the House of Commons.

I expect at this summit that she will talk tough in order to generate some positive headlines for herself along the lines of “Theresa May stands up for the U.K.” Be in no doubt, however, that her direction of travel is clear. She is on course to betray the voters in the most spectacular fashion.

Nigel Farage is a British politician, broadcaster and political analyst. Farage is vice chairman of the pro-Brexit Leave Means Leave organisation.

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