Massive Alligator Shows Up On Florida Golf Course. What The Players Did Will Shock You

This is not a picture of the alligator within the story. (Credit: Shutterstock/Michael Fitzsimmons)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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An 15-foot alligator recently made an appearance on a golf course in Florida.

According to TMZ, the alligator referred to as Chubs strolled out onto the Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Palmetto, Florida, to catch some sun. (RELATED: Man Walks Into Gas Station Carrying A Live Alligator. Let’s See How It Worked Out [VIDEO])

Shockingly, nobody grabbed a rifle and opened fire. Watch the wild video below:

I will never understand these videos. I don’t get them one bit. If that was me in the golf cart, there would be a hail of bullets raining down that people might confuse it for the Soviet advancement on Berlin circa 1945.

People who grew up around gators have told me they’re not really a threat unless it’s the worst of situations. I’m sure the neighbors of serial killers probably felt the same. Give me a break. Shoot first and worry about everything else later. That’s the American way. (RELATED: COPS TRY TO TIE UP AN ALLIGATOR. ALLIGATOR RESPONDS BY WRECKING THEM [VIDEO])

Hell, I keep a backup piece on me just to take care of squirrels. If I’m locked, cocked and ready to rock on squirrel, what the hell do you think I’m prepared to do if I see a gator that size.

I’d go Clint Eastwood so fast that your head would spin. Maybe people in Florida are more relaxed than me. Or they might just be OK with the idea of becoming a snack.

I’ll screw around with a lot of things, but a 15-foot long alligator isn’t one of them.

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