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FOX Business Host Thinks About Taking Away Trump’s Cell Phone

Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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FOX Business host Stuart Varney put his life in his hands Wednesday when he asked — albeit jokingly — to take away President Trump‘s life blood.

In other words, his cell phone and Twitter apparatus. His way of telling the world, for example, that Stormy Daniels, the porn star with whom he allegedly had sex, has a horse face.

Varney broached it as a hypothetical in an interview on FBN’s “Varney & Co.”

“Has anybody ever said to you, ‘Mr. President, let me have your phone’?” the host said. “I want to take your phone away from you for just a brief, shining moment. We don’t want anymore of these tweets.’ Anybody ever try that?”

Trump fired back with his own hypothetical. You touch my phone, we’re done here.

“No, and I don’t think I’d be talking to you if I did that,” the president replied. “That’s a way of getting out the message. Look, we have fake news.  Everyone’s fake.  You look at what’s — and I’m not saying you and some of the people on Fox. Not all of them, but some of them, but there’s so much misinformation being put out. That’s my only form of communicating really other than having a press conference every hour. If I do a press conference every hour.”

So that’s that.

Varney won’t be putting his paws on Trump’s cell phone anytime soon.