Hannity Doubles Down On ‘Mr. Civility’ Ben Sasse, Reminds Him That He Said ‘NOTHING’ When Racial Slur Was Used

Scott Morefield | Reporter

After hitting back at Ben Sasse on Wednesday for criticizing him in an upcoming book, Fox News host Sean Hannity doubled down on the Nebraska Senator with a Thursday blast from the not-so-distant past.

“Really Senator @BenSasse ‘Mr.Civility’ you lecture me but went on Maher’s show, and said NOTHING WHEN a racial slur was used?” Hannity tweeted, referring to a June 2017 appearance on “Real Time With Bill Maher” wherein the HBO host used a variant of the N-word while Sasse looked on without responding.

After his appearance, Sasse did express regret for not confronting Maher in a series of tweets.

Sasse’s book, “Them: Why We Hate Each Other — and How to Heal,” characterized Hannity’s show as “polititainment” that boils down to the concept of: “Liberals are evil, you’re a victim, and you should be furious.” Around 20 pages of the book were devoted to criticizing the Fox News host. (RELATED: ‘He Totally Conned Me’ — Hannity Punches Back At Ben Sasse After Book Criticism)

“Unfortunately, I went to bat for Ben Sasse, who has proven to be the single biggest disappointment in politics today. He totally conned me like he conned the people of Nebraska,” Hannity told The Daily Beast on Wednesday.

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