Naked Man Gets Kicked Out Of Medieval Festival For Unruly Behavior. What He Did Next Isn’t Exactly PG [WATCH]

(Photo credit should read YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter
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A Canadian man was arrested for taking a naked dip in a shark-infested aquarium earlier this week.

Authorities in Toronto arrested 37-year-old David Weaver of British Columbia after he was spotted swimming completely nude in the Dangerous Lagoon display of Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto, which also happened to be hosting its monthly Jazz Night. The Lagoon features all sorts of hazardous beasts, including green sawfish, sand tiger sharks, green sea turtles, and green moray eels (the dangerous kind).

This occurred mere hours after Weaver had been kicked out of a medieval festival for “being unruly,” which is really just a Canadian way of saying Mr. Weaver allegedly assaulted somebody outside of the festival and knocked out one of his teeth. (RELATED: Man Grabs Waitress’s Backside. She Retaliates With An NFL-Level Tackle) 

It’s unclear exactly how the night evolved/devolved into him stripping down and stumbling into the Dangerous Lagoon but that’s pretty irrelevant since we have actual hard footage of the good stuff: him actually swimming with sharks. (Just a quick warning — this guy is fully nude. Like really, really naked. Shield from any sensitive eyes)

A few things here.

1.) Mr. Weaver seems to be struggling to get out, which begs the natural question: How did he get in?

2.) For 37 years old, he sure is bald.

3.) Doing a back flop and flashing the aquarium worker who’s pleading with you to get out might be the biggest alpha move in history.

4.) Huge shout-out to the jazz band for continuing on with Jazz Night while this whole thing unfolds. The music in the background easily makes this video 10-times better.

5.) No amount of Clorox is going to be able to sanitize that glass gate after he put it in between his bare bottom during his exit.

Let’s see that from another angle:

As fun as medieval festivals sound, I think swimming naked in a shark tank during Jazz Night might win out on the whole bucket list thing.

Weaver was arrested and charged with assault causing bodily harm, and mischief — which, again, is just so Canadian to charge somebody with mischief.

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