The Number Of People Now Subscribing To Netflix Will Blow You Away

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Netflix’s incredible third quarter numbers prove absolutely nothing will stop the streaming service.

The Hollywood Reporter reported the following details:

Netflix added significantly more subscribers than expected during the third quarter of the year, bringing its total memberships up to more than 137 million. 

The streamer also grew revenue by 34 percent to $4 billion in revenue during the quarter, in line with Wall Street’s expectations, and earned 89 cents per share, more than the 68 cents per share that was anticipated. The strong financial report drove the company’s stock up more than 13 percent during after-hours trading.

More than 137 million subscribers! Are you kidding me? That’s nearly half of the United States. Of course, who wouldn’t want to have Netflix access at this point? There’s literally nothing better than waking up with a hangover, firing up breakfast, hitting the power button on your streaming device and wasting your day watching Netflix.* There’s nothing better at all. (RELATED: ‘Friday Night Lights’ Leaving Netflix Is A National Tragedy)

You also have to tip your cap to the streaming powerhouse because they’ve done a great job not just acquiring old shows but also generating original content. “House of Cards,” “Stranger Things,” “Bloodline,” “Ozark,” “The Ranch,” “Last Chance U” and “American Vandal” are all outstanding. There’s pretty much nothing on regular broadcast television that can compete with any of them.


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I binged pretty much all of them the moment they come out.

Who would have ever guessed Netflix would grow from a little DVD rental company into the streaming service it is today. Somebody out there deserves one hell of a massive payday.

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*Doesn’t apply during football season. The only viewing option acceptable during the football season is football. We all love Netflix, but it must get relegated to the backseat during the fall.