Dershowitz Calls Out Obama, Ellison For Failing To Condemn Farrakhan’s Anti-Semitism

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Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz called out Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota and former President Barack Obama for failing to condemn the anti-Semitic views of Louis Farrakhan.

“[The] analogy to termites comes right out of the Nazi playbook. Nazis used the word termites consistently to dehumanize Jews and to accuse them of destroying everything good about the world,” Dershowitz said on “Fox & Friends” Thursday.

Farrakhan tweeted a video of himself Tuesday, with the caption: “I’m not an anti-Semite. I’m anti-Termite.” (RELATED: Alan Dershowitz Says Democrats Are Shooting Themselves In The Foot By Continuing To Oppose Justice Brett Kavanaugh)

“Farrakhan has been very explicit. He’s blamed the Jews for all the problems of the world. He’s called Judaism a religion of Satan and Twitter’s made a decision not to ban him,” Dershowitz continued. “Twitter has to have a single standard if a white supremacist had made a similar statement about African-Americans, the question is, would Twitter ban them? It can’t have a double standard based on race.”

Dershowitz said it’s incumbent upon good people to stand up and condemn such hate and then specifically cited Obama and Ellison.


“And all good people have to come out and condemn. But especially people who participated in the Million Man March in 1995, headed by Farrakhan, which really made him prominent in American politics,” he said. “People like Barack Obama participated in the march and proudly defended it. People like Keith Ellison who work closely with  Farrakhan. These folks have a special obligation to condemn.”

“I wish Bill Clinton had done it because Bill Clinton sat next to Farrakhan at the funeral of [Aretha] Franklin,” Dershowitz added. “He has a special obligation too, so I think silence is not an appropriate response to Farrakhan’s bigotry.”

Dershowitz said he was let down by many people who should have come together to condemn Farrakhan but instead turned a blind eye to his hatred.

“I’m disappointed that all decent people haven’t universally come together to condemn. There is a special obligation. Just like there’s a special obligation of people on the extreme right to condemn the alt right when they engage in antisemitism or bigotry,” he concluded.

“There is a special obligation of people on the left, of black leaders, of Democratic leaders, to go out of their way to condemn this, because Farrakhan has a very large following.”

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