One Conference Dominates The Most Watched College Football Games Of The Year

David Hookstead | Reporter

The Big Ten apparently dominates college football viewership.

In fact, four of the top five watched games of the year all feature a team from the Big Ten. I’m sure that’ll make SEC fans nice and salty.

How much does it hurt, SEC fans? How much? I know they’re going to go all silent on me here, but I’m not letting them get off that easy. (RELATED: Latest AP College Football Poll Has Many Shakeups. Number Two Might Surprise You)

Fans down south do nothing but talk about how outstanding and passionate their fan bases are. Yet, only one SEC team was in the top five. Wait, how could that be possible out of the most passionate fan bases in America? Could it be the myth of the SEC is in play here? I certainly think so.

Of the teams in the top five games, six of them are Big Ten teams. These are the facts, and we all know facts don’t care about your feelings.

I’m sure there will be some glorious spin headed my way. I have no doubt about that at all. It’s one of the most fun parts about dunking on SEC fans and talking college football. The delusion is usually the best part.

Just wait until the Michigan/Ohio State game shoots to the top. Then, people are going to get really pissed. Should be fun!

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