Portland Protester Tells Alleged 9/11 Widow That Her Husband Should ‘Rot In The Grave’

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Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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A left-wing protester in Portland, Oregon was caught on film harassing an alleged 9/11 widow and telling her that her late husband should “rot in the grave.”

The protester, who appeared to be a part of Antifa, first started screaming at the woman as she waited for a traffic light to change so she could cross the street. It’s unclear when exactly the confrontation occurred.


The protester told the woman to “shut the fuck up” and alleged that her husband punches her, to which the NYPD hat-wearing woman calmly responded with a smile that she is not married.

“My husband died in 9/11,” she turned around and said.

“Good for him! Good. Good,” the protester shot back. “NPYD were a bunch of sodomized — fucking sodomizing immigrants with their bully sticks.”

“So yeah … your husband should probably fucking rot in the grave,” the protester screamed at the woman. (RELATED: Antifa Protesters Block Portland Traffic, Nearly Start Riot During Kimmons Vigil)

Left-wing groups have been protesting in Portland, Oregon after police officers shot and killed 27-year-old Patrick K. Kimmons. Police shot Kimmons after he allegedly shot two people, but protesters say the officers’ use of force was unjustified because they shot Kimmons in the back.

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