Baseball Legend Tweets Hilarious Question After Being Indicted On Drug Charges. But Was It Smart?


Jena Greene Reporter

It looks like Lenny Dysktra’s lawyers aren’t getting a break anytime soon.

The former Philadelphia Phillies legend was formally charged with possession of cocaine and meth and threatening an Uber driver back from an incident in May. And while Dysktra maintains his innocence, his social media presence isn’t doing him any favors. (RELATED: Star Baseball Player Indicted On Heavy Drug Charges And Terroristic Threats. Read The Scary Details)


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Dysktra was reportedly found in possession of both meth and cocaine, but that’s not where it stops. The 55-year-old star also allegedly made his Uber driver believe he had a gun on him. Dysktra claims he thought he was being kidnapped.

Needless to say, this situation is pretty hairy. Even Lenny Dykstra — who’s no stranger to run-ins with the law — seems to think so.

So he used a lifeline via Twitter on Thursday and asked his nearly 35,000 followers for help.

“Anyone know which countries don’t have an extradition arrangement with the U.S.? Asking for a friend,” he wrote.

The tweet, which has only been up for about 12 hours, received varied replies. Everything from pleas for him to get help to actual suggestions about where to hide out came rolling in.

One user suggested Afghanistan, to which Dykstra replied, “F**k no. That place is dangerous.”

Another suggested Costa Rica, to which Dysktra shot back, “And the ladies are supposedly HOTT there too!”

All of this is a lot to process, and there’s no real indication that Dykstra’s going to actually flee the United States. But hey, he said it best when he explained that this is just another chapter in the life of Lenny Dysktra.

Seriously though. If found guilty, Dykstra could go to prison for 3–5 years for each of the aforementioned charges. Costa Rica’s looking better and better by the minute.

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