The US Army’s Latest Ad Will Fill Your Veins With Pure Adrenaline [WATCH]

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Jena Greene Reporter
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The U.S. Army’s newest ad is lighting up the internet, and we think we know why.

America’s largest branch rolled out a brand new 30-second video Thursday as a part of their new promotion, #WarriorsWanted. When I first saw it, I thought it was a commercial for a new military movie I’d inevitably wait in line to see on opening night. But it was not. It’s an ad for a real life, badass branch of our very own military. And it’s going to raise your heart rate. (RELATED: Today Is National Armed Forces Day. Celebrate With Some Of America’s Most Impressive Moments Of Force)

Check it out:

“There are those who see the challenges facing the nation and say, ‘Send me.'”

Talk about an opening line.

I grew up in a very pro-military family. My dad was a Marine, killed in Iraq in 2004, and he pretty much lived and died by the motto, “send me.” All of his Marine friends had a pretty lighthearted rivalry — they wouldn’t call it a rivalry, but you see what I’m getting at — with their Army counterparts, but I think even they would agree that this is a mammoth ad for a mammoth branch of service.

I’d be surprised if enlistment numbers didn’t spike after this ad was rolled out. Uncle Sam was iconic, but this gives the word “service” a whole new meaning.

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