Wisconsin Badgers Drop New Basketball Video. Is It Time For The Season To Start Yet?

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The Wisconsin Badgers latest ‘For the Culture’ basketball video was recently released, and it is awesome.

Before everybody jumps down my throat here, I’m well aware it’s the middle of football season. Despite what the haters and critics might want you to believe, I’m not an idiot.

Having said all of that, it’s never too early to get a little basketball juice flowing in our veins. That’s what this series is all about. It’s about getting the fans hyped for our bounce back season. (RELATED: The Wisconsin Badgers Have To Take The Next Step As An Athletic Program. Here’s Why)


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Would I prefer watching basketball over football right now? Obviously not, but I have this revolutionary idea we can do both at the same time.

Plus, this video saga is just way too damn cool to pass up. Check out the latest one below.

We had a very rough year last season. It was by far the roughest of my lifetime. However, you’re foolish to be sleeping on us now.

Mark it down. The Badgers are heading back to the tournament. I guarantee it.

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