Alabama Should Immediately Fire This Football Coach For His Pathetic Actions Against Tennessee

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Alabama needs to show Butch Jones the door immediately.

Jones pretty much acted like the Crimson Tide had won the Super Bowl after they beat his former team, the Tennessee Volunteers, Saturday. For those who don’t remember, Jones was fired as the Vols head coach last season and is now a glorified intern for the Tide. Talk about a fall from grace. (RELATED: The Latest AP College Football Poll Is Here. Number Two Might Have Your Head Spinning)

Well, how did the former SEC head coach handle himself after their blowout win? Oh, he just got a gatorade bath and smoked victory cigars. I’m not kidding. Those two things both happened.

In all seriousness, how dumb is Butch Jones? Alabama rocked a team loaded with players he recruited, and he somehow felt that was a reason to celebrate. The man should be too embarrassed to show his face after ruining Tennessee’s program.

Secondly, how does Saban let such a clown on his staff? Alabama is all about winning titles. Jones clearly isn’t about that at all, and feels beating Tennessee is a cause for celebration. They couldn’t be more opposite.

I hate to say it, but Alabama would get rid of Butch Jones before noon today if they had any sense of pride. I’m absolutely disgusted.

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