Carry 40 Useful Tools In Your Wallet Wherever You Go

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Always be prepared for life with the Toolcard Pro. You never know when you may need some tools in a pinch. Prepare yourself for the worst case scenarios that life throws your way with the Toolcard Pro, a credit card-sized stainless steel card that contains 40 tools. The Daily Caller readers can get 15% off this priceless tool for a limited time!

Normally $26, this toolcard pro is 15 percent off

Normally $26, this toolcard pro is 15 percent off

Toolcard Pro on sale for $21.95

Unlike most multi-use tools, the Toolcard Pro fits in your wallet. As useful as it may be, carrying a Swiss Army knife with you at all times is unpractical. The versatility of the Toolcard Pro lies in it’s ability to be at your side 24/7. In the case of an emergency, the Toolcard Pro will always be nearby. Sleep better knowing that you have a device with 40 tools with you at all times.

Each Toolcard Pro contains 8 metric wrenches, 8 inch wrenches, and 8 open-end wrenches. There’s also a small Phillips screwdriver, small flathead screwdriver, and large flathead/Phillips screwdriver. This means that there’s no screw that cannot be removed with the Toolcard Pro. Take advantage of the cord cutter and pry bar with nail puller as well.

Get the Toolcard Pro today for just $21.95. That’s 15% off the original price!