Security Guard Shoots Man Trying To Break Into FOX 5 DC


Amber Athey White House Correspondent
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A security guard at FOX 5 D.C. shot a man who was trying to kick down the door to the TV station on Monday afternoon.

According to various reports, an “irate” person tried to break into the Washington, D.C. station but was stopped by a security guard. The guard shot the man in the lobby.

Surveillance video shows the man kicking out a glass door before entering the lobby and trying to break down another door.


A video shows the would-be trespasser, who survived the shooting, being carted out on a stretcher.

FOX 5 reporter Jim Lokay said that the employees of the station are all safe, tweeting, “We’re going to jump on the air shortly and let you know what’s going on.”

The suspect is reportedly a 38-year-old African American man and was transported to George Washington University Hospital to be treated for his injuries.

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