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Old habits die hard, and writing by hand can feel like a welcome break from the computer screen. This is where the Scanmarker shines. Using special text recognition, it can instantly read your hand-written notes and transfer them to any application, or websites like Gmail or Facebook, not to mention translate them into over different 40 languages. Scanmarker is currently 25% off as well—$89 down from $119 for Daily Caller readers.

Normally $119, the Scanmarker is 25 percent off

Scanmarker Air Wireless OCR Pen Scanner on sale for $89

Scanmarker can be used on any traditional text surface. Simply run it over your sentences and the pen will translate the words into a RAW image file before sending into your program of choice—the whole process takes a few seconds. Needless to say, this marker isn’t only useful for your own writing. Any piece of text you want to save or document becomes fair game, revolutionizing learning and creativity.

Whether you’re the kind of writer who loves the by-hand route, or you want a more efficient way to digitally gather your research and save important bits of text, check out the Scanmarker—currently $89 after 25% off at the shop.

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