Don Lemon Says ‘Racial Resentment’ Was The ‘Key Factor’ in Trump’s Election

Joseph Wulfsohn Contributor
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On Monday night, CNN anchor Don Lemon told a panel what exactly got President Donald Trump elected in 2016.

During a discussion about the president’s rhetoric on the migrant caravan that is making its way towards the U.S. border, CNN commentator Margaret Hoover said Trump’s claims that MS-13 and Middle Eastern people are among the migrants is a “play to the base.”

Lemon responded with the following:

“Listen, the idea that economic worries led to, you know, Trump winning in 2016 — that has been called into question and really debunked by studies finding that racial resentment was the key factor. Is this why President Trump keeps returning to immigration and the caravan so close to this election?”

Lemon does not cite the study he was referring to.

GOP commentator Scott Jennings pushed back, insisting that the reason why Trump is talking about the caravan this close to the midterm elections is that the caravan “is happening close to the election.”