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Morning Mirror: CNN’s Acosta Calls B.S. On White House

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“Ordering a bacon cheeseburger with a large order of fries with a diet coke is a nutritious meal, and I will fight anyone who says otherwise.”

Siraj Hasmi, The Washington Examiner.

Up close and personal with Yashar Ali

“Having a bit of an argument with my mom via text-message and out of nowhere she sends me this text-message: ‘Baba and I wish to be cremated when the time comes.’ This is soooo Iranian…and probably many other ethnicities.” — Yashar Ali, HuffPost and New York Mag.

CNNers crap on Trump

BRIAN STELTER: “I’d like to lead this edition of the newsletter with some good news. But the overwhelming story right now, IMHO, is President Trump’s profound dishonesty, on display all weekend long at rallies and on Twitter…”

CHRIS CILLIZZA: “I find this every time I go through a transcript of his speech. It’s just lie after lie after lie. It’s baked in.”

Conservative Strategist Chris Barron replied to Cillizza, saying, “It’s really been refreshing to stop thinking of you as a journalist.”

Journo’s wife is sick with persistent vertigo

“On station at the hospital. Waiting for a neurologist. Wife apparently exhibiting persistent vertigo, whatever the eff that is. Thank you for all the prayers and support.” — Jazz Shaw, HotAir.

Reporter covering caravan has not seen any ‘Middle Easterners’

“Have not seen a single ‘Middle Easterner’ in the caravan, @realDonaldTrump. Have seen hundreds of women and children and babies, though. It’s gross to debate whether people from the Middle East are in the caravan — as if that connotes some special menace.” — Kate Linthicum, Mexico City-based reporter for the LA Times.

And this from… CNN Chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta: “BS lights are flashing red. In the last few days, Trump has claimed ‘Middle Easterners’ traveling in the caravan, riots in California due to sanctuary cities and a middle class tax cut is on the way. None of this is backed up with any kind of substance from the WH.”

Real HuffPost headline: See what they did there?

Jake Tapper asks Sen. Flake about Middle Eastern ‘Caravan’

“I asked @JeffFlake if he knew what Trump was referring to with warning of ‘unknown Middle Easterners’ in caravan: ‘No. That’s long been a canard and a fear tactic.'” — CNN’s Jake Tapper.

WaPo reporter dings Trump’s involvement in bringing him home

“While now President Trump did take some credit for bringing me home, I was, in fact, released during the Obama years in a negotiated deal between the US and Iran. So far this administration has failed to free any of the Americans being held in Iran.” — Jason Rezaian, Global Opinions writer, WaPo.

Twitter suspends InfoWars-related accounts

“Twitter spox tells me the company just suspended 18 accounts which were ‘under the Infowars umbrella.’ Spox says Twitter previously suspended 5 accounts for attempts to get around ban of Alex Jones. After numerous warnings, spox says Twitter suspended these other accounts too.” — Oliver Darcy, media writer, CNN.

Journo Hate

“The twitter shade i get from other journalists about my stories is frankly unsolicited and juvenile.” — Zachary Kussin, reporter, New York Post.

Daily Beast reporter says Trump’s Texas rally is ‘boring’

“This speech is thunderously boring and just a ripoff of his own past recent speeches, I could have gotten on stage and recited the whole thing for him by memory basically.” — Asawin Suebsaeng, The Daily Beast.

Al Roker begs Snoop to cook with him

“Snoop, come cook with me on my @TODAYshow  series, #coldcuts and we’ll make you’re fave #sandwich and talk about your book.”

— NBC “TODAY” Show weatherman Al Roker in response to Snoop Dogg, who wrote, “u know @MarthaStewart has been droppin gems on me for years, but i got some secret recipes of my own !! only a few more days to preorder your copy of #FromCrookToCook.”

BuzzFeed journo is tempted to write shell stories

“Tempted to publish a story every week that just says, ‘news has happened and there’s garbage about it on the internet now.’ People can fill in their own blanks.” — Jane Lytvynenko, who is based in Toronto.

President Trump declares himself a ‘nationalist’

“Trump at Houston rally: ‘You know what I am? I’m a nationalist, okay? Nationalist. Use that word, use that word.'” — Peter Baker, NYT.

“Okay, we’re getting closer to the truth here. All it needs is an adjective.” — Jeet Heer, staff writer, The New Republic.

“The president’s embrace of the word nationalism tonight is a marker, the culmination of many years of resisting the label, which he at first saw as a Bannon/Breitbart thing and a loaded, far right label that was an odd fit for a combative NY ex-Dem turned immigration hawk.” — Robert Costa, WaPo.

The Observer

“This from a guy who follows me. Twitter can be an open sewer.” — FNC’s Brit Hume. The tweet in question has been deleted.