VOTE: Which Politician Would Make For The Best Halloween Costume?


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Halloween is not the most storied holiday on the calendar, but it is definitely the most entertaining. Between the candy, the joy on young faces, and the party opportunities for young adults, late October is truly a special time of year.

This year, Halloween happens to come less than a week before the midterms — an election in which voter enthusiasm happens to be at an all-time high — so you can bet politically-designed costumes will be out in droves. (RELATED: Conservative Street Artist Alters ‘Halloween’ Billboard With Maxine Waters’ Image)

While many will likely want to use Halloween as a time to get away from the political stresses penetrating our nation, nothing is apolitical anymore, and plenty of voters and political campaigns will use this holiday as a last ditch effort to get out the vote.

So, what politician would make the best Halloween costume? Happy Holidays, and please vote below: