This Glue Dries In Under 5 Seconds When Exposed To Blue Light

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Tired of dealing with sticky glue that makes a mess everywhere? Experience the magic of the FiberFix Total Glue. Designed with a special formulation, the FiberFix Total Glue has the power to cure instantly when exposed to blue light. Stop waiting for glue to dry and test out for yourself the future of glue.

Normally $20, this innovative glue is 10 percent off

Normally $20, this innovative glue is 10 percent off

FiberFix Total Glue: 2-Pack on sale for $17.99

It may seem like magic, but we promise you that the FiberFix Total Glue really works. It’s ideal for a variety of different situations. With dental adhesive strength, the FiberFix Total Glue works seamlessly on all surfaces. This includes wood, plastic, glass, ceramics, and anything you can think of. The FiberFix Total Glue also works to fill gaps without any mixing required.

Simply apply the glue and shine some light on it. Within 5 seconds, you will have fully cured glue. Built out of methoxyl-ethyl cyanoacrylate, the FiberFix Total Glue undergoes a special chemical reaction that speeds up the drying process. If you don’t have a light source, the glue will take no more than one minute to completely cure. There is no odor and the glue can be easily sanded after drying.

Get a 2-pack of the FiberFix Total Glue today for 10% off the original price. It’s yours for just $17.99!

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