Protesters Interrupt TheDC’s Amber Athey’s Speech Advocating Due Process

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Jon Brown Associate Editor
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At her much-anticipated speech at American University Tuesday night, The Daily Caller’s breaking news and media editor Amber Athey was met with protests and walkouts from some students who apparently found her speech offensive.

This was no surprise, given the backlash Athey’s event faced when it was announced last week. According to Facebook messages obtained by The Daily Caller, some AU students expressed a desire to “f***ing crash this bulls**t,” and to report conservative student organization Young Americans for Liberty, who invited her, as a “campus hate group.”

Reporters for The Daily Caller also sought to venture into the safe space established by the AU Student Government (AUSG) Women’s Initiative for the duration of Athey’s speech. The AUSG WI published a statement ahead of Athey’s speech, accusing her event of “promoting the disempowerment and invalidation of survivors in sharing their stories,” a charge which Athey denies.

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“This event has nothing to do with disempowering survivors or trying to silence them,” Athey said in an interview with Fox News’ Heather Childers. “This is about making sure the rights of the accused and the accusers are protected.”

Watch below to see how it all went.