Newsweek Tries To Tie DeSantis To Pipe Bombs Sent To Liberals

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Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Newsweek tried to tie a comment made by Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis to the pipe bomb sent to Hillary Clinton on Wednesday.

DeSantis, who is running for governor in Florida, said in an email to supporters on Tuesday that a visit from Clinton could be the “kiss of death” for his opponent, Andrew Gillum,

“I want to make sure that Andrew Gillum knows that inviting his failed presidential candidate is the WORST mistake of his campaign,” the DeSantis email said. “I want Hillary Clinton’s visit to be a kiss of death.”

A Newsweek article linked that rhetoric to the bomb sent to Clinton, despite the fact that there is no evidence to link the two. (RELATED: Trump Condemns ‘Political Violence Of Any Kind’)

Newsweek’s headline read, “Ron DeSantis Campaign Said He Wanted Hillary Clinton’s Florida Visit To Be ‘Kiss Of Death’ Day Before Bomb Threat.”

Newsweek Pins Bombs To DeSantis Comment (Screenshot)

The publication later had to add an update to the piece clarifying that no connection has been made between DeSantis’ “kiss of death” comment and the bomb.

“This story has been updated to clarify there have been no allegations of any connection between the language used in the email and the series of bomb threats and suspicious packages,” the update said. “It was further updated to include past comments made by Clinton and a statement on Twitter from DeSantis.”

Newsweek Update (Screenshot)

Newsweek Update (Screenshot)

The updated copy specifically noted that “there have been no allegations that the DeSantis email and the suspicious packages are in any way connected.”

DeSantis specifically denounced the bombs on his Twitter account Wednesday.

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