Sunny Hostin Blames Trump For Suspicious Packages: ‘The Tone Is Coming From The Top’

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Sunny Hostin blamed President Donald Trump after suspicious packages were sent to the Obamas, Clintons and CNN, saying that the “tone is coming from the top.”

The comments came as the ladies on “The View” Wednesday were reporting the breaking news about “potential explosive devices” being sent to the home of former President Barack Obama in Washington, D.C.; Bill and Hillary Clinton’s home in New York; and the Time Warner Building that serves as CNN’s New York City bureau.  (RELATED: Meghan McCain Blasts Trump At John McCain’s Funeral Service: ‘America Was Always Great’)

Joy Behar said it reminded her of the 60s and 70s, saying that fear of bombs was “terrible in those days.”

“It’s terrible now,” Hostin replied” … I’ve been texting with my former colleagues at CNN, and they’re scared. And one colleague — former colleague — said this is what happens when the president calls you the enemy of the people.”

“And I thought, ‘My gosh, the tone is coming from the top, and now, CNN has become the target,'” she added.  “Journalists that are simply trying to do their jobs.”

Abby Huntsman interjected and reminded her co-host that “we still don’t know anything yet” or what the motive might be.

“Why did CNN get the bomb,” Hostin snapped back. “And the Obamas. Fox News hasn’t gotten a bomb yet. I don’t want them to get a bomb.”

Meghan McCain then warned her co-hosts that they “shouldn’t speculate.”

“Let’s start with this, nobody should be getting bombs. Nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody,” Whoopi Goldberg shared. 

“I think a lot of the issues are being exacerbated by the top right now too,” Behar explained. Let’s not pretend that somebody is not throwing out … “

“It’s not just him [Trump],” she added. “Every time he says things like the ‘press is the enemy of the people, his entire party needs to stand up against him and say something. Mitch McConnell, where is he? He’s the leader of this party.”

“He’s getting harassed and heckled when he goes out in public to have dinner with his wife,” McCain replied.